Are you feeling stuck and unmotivated? Do you have goals and dreams but can’t seem to reach them? If you have ever wondered if there’s more — then you already know it’s time to do something to change your life.

Besides being a published author, Jan is also a certified Christian Life Coach with a passion for empowering her clients to realize their God-given gifts and how they can share them with the world.

Do you have a desire to write a book or need help in getting there? Jan’s forte lies in mentoring other authors. Intrigued by the unique and amazing qualities found in each of us, she finds satisfaction in seeing people become free to be who the Lord made them to be.

By approaching the goal of discovering our purpose strategically and intentionally, she is deeply committed to working with individuals, helping them make positive changes and create fulfilling lives, relationships, and careers.

Decide today to discover your Life Purpose and develop a strategy for moving forward. You don’t have to keep struggling and wondering. You can find clarity and learn the steps to a fulfilling and meaningful life!

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What others are saying:

If you are a writer filled with self-doubt, Jan will be the voice of faith for you. Her gentle nature neutralizes your constant fear and builds up your belief in yourself to write those words you were intended to put down on paper. As an aspiring author, I would highly recommend working with her in a life coach capacity.
~ Bridget

As Christians, we have a responsibility to walk in the purpose God has given us. But this world pressures us to be everything and everywhere, busy busy busy. So many of those activities drain energy and distract us from God’s purpose. In the coaching I received, I learned to define my mission and to focus on activities that align with my purpose and how to say no to distractions without feeling guilty. Jan Elder has helped me to say no to some things, and I now have time and energy to pursue God and His plan for me.
~ Lyn

Jan Elder is a great life coach. She helped me identify my life purpose, and how to use it and apply it to my daily life. As life a coach, she helps me identify where I need to focus my efforts, and helps me stay on task. Her questions slow me down, and help me analysis where I’m going, and how to get there. Her compassion and insights motivate me, and keep me honest with myself. I highly recommend Janice Elder as a life coach.
~ April

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Jan Elder